Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Unplanned huh!


Oh for crying out loud!

Have you seen this?
Next thing she's gonna tell us that she was lost in the moment like the peroxide piranha! No planning whatsoever went into booking an illegal film stunt on Wade's camo boat - and the at least three cameras plus the dude outside the Shark cage just happened to be there at the right time! 

Incidentally, I just found this.
Just in case anybody thought this was somehow new - the shenanigans with those camera dudes pimping credulous chicks into putting their life on the line, for money, have been going on for years!
This was Great White Shark: Uncaged, 2004 - stupid then and stupid now!

And the new age clap trap?
Living off the land huh. How romantic and how commendable.
Tell ya' what - let's ALL rethink our lives, live off the land and go grab ourselves some Lobsters and shoot ourselves some Reef Fishes whenever we want protein!
Great idea - yes, do read the link!

Way to go Patagonia and Huff Post!


jsd said...

Not to mention her twin sister:

the truly ghastly Veronica Grey

Federer for Pope.

DaShark said...

Howly mackerel!

Totally ghastly - but she's right there, on prime time national media, crafty crafty!

Tropical Selkie said...

Problem 1: "I wanna ride a shark!" I don't care what wild animal it is (sea turtle, manta, dolphin, shark, whatever) -- they are not there as our personal scooters and sending that message is irresponsible.

Problem 2: Spearfishing has its impacts, both directly and indirectly (both breath-hold and on scuba). Can it be done responsibly? Probably, but knowing and sharing that information is important, especially in Hawaii, if you are going to be an 'ambassador' for it! See: http://www.scubadiving.com/training/ask-expert/ask-expert-should-you-spearfish-scuba

DaShark said...

Spearfishing is highly selective and when conducted responsibly, it is one of the most sustainable fishing techniques as in theory there is zero bycatch and zero collateral damage to the environment.

But it is fishing - and with fish stocks being in such bad shape, it needs to be managed like any other fishing activity.

With that in mind, it is simply unconscionable to promote a pseudo-indigenous back-to-nature lifestyle where anybody should feel free to simply hop into the ocean and shoot themselves a reef fish whenever they go camping and need some food.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

As "unplanned" as a back seat Prom Night date...with cameras...and a producer...and lights...and a script...and a media team...and a sponsor...I could go on but I think I am retired from all this BS, yes in fact I am, never mind then;)