Sunday, October 06, 2013

WESPAC - culling Sharks in the Marianas?

Is this the future for Guam and Saipan? Source.

What a bunch of total bastards.

Manny Duenas, Tosatto et al are at it again.
And I cite
Fishermen in that archipelago, which includes the US Territory of Guam and the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, have complained for more than a decade about shark depredation, i.e., taking of their bait by sharks. 
The Mariana Archipelago is by default a shark sanctuary, as it has only a small-scale fishery that does not target sharks. However, there are no stock assessments of sharks in the archipelago. One consideration for the depredation problem is to reduce the shark biomass either through a directed fishery for sharks or an indirect catch by pelagic longlining. 
The demand for shark meat, fins, cartilage and oil continues and could be served by the Marianas fishery. 
So now NOAA wants to go and cull Sharks - not because they kill humans, not because they steal the catch - because the steal the bait? And they are of course proposing to simply go at it in spite of the missing stock assessment - just go and kill as many as you can, and fuck all that bullshit Ecosystem-based Management approach preached by WESPAC, right?

Yup that's the people opposing the US fin bans.
So this is how NOAA is responding to the many authoritative voices opposing their unwarranted unilateral and undemocratic interpretation of the US Shark finning ban, and their attempts to torpedo the Pacific Shark Sanctuaries.

Fuck them!

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