Thursday, October 03, 2013

Con - servation!

Please re-read this.

The principal target of the outrage?
Of course none other than Discovery - and I won't bore you with links to my multiple rants but instead invite you to read this, and then this market analysis about cupcakery and meth magnates.

And Nat Geo with "one of the best policies there is"?
And I cite.
National Geographic have continued to brutalise their subjects, and to degrade themselves from a respected international organisation to one that is now recognised as sensational, exploitative and downright misleading
Indeed - and great opinion piece!
I've been wary of them ever since their idiotic pseudoconservation experiments - and very much as expected, Nat Geo WILD's shocking attempts at one-downing Discovery have continued unabated.

And the once stellar brand?
Who cares - pecunia non olet!

Richard Brock - well said!

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OfficetoOcean said...

But where else will we get to learn that given a choice between hot dogs, water melon and fish, a tiger shark would choose to eat the fish first?

Next year, do sharks prefer swimming in water, or listening to Dr Dre ...