Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tiger Sharks vs Blue Whale - Paper!

Very interesting!

Read this paper.
A (likely already weakened) Blue Whale was killed by Bull Sharks in New Caledonia and then later devoured by Tiger Sharks. The observations by Eric Clua and Jonathan Werry reveal a whole array of behavioral patters both when feeding but above all, when interacting among each other that range from the usual displays of dominance and agonism, to totally unexpected and amazing stuff - or did you know that they tail slap each other? 
Very useful, especially for those lovers of TB and Aliwal!

Love it, well done!


Tim Rock said...

Tail-slapping I've heard of in great whites. Great account about the feeding order and heirachy.

DaShark said...

Timbo - thanks for visiting! :)

Same here - saw it described of GWS but never Tigers, where as far as I know, those behavioral patterns remain largely unexamined.

El-Gee said...

11 years ago..?

DaShark said...

Yes - but only published in 2013