Monday, March 11, 2013

Today is the Day!

Japanese disinformation - source.

Today, CITES will vote on the Shark and Manta proposals.

Who will prevail?
Scientific facts versus disinformation - flat Sharks versus totally misleading Japanese comics, see on top? Just for the record: CITES II listing is 100% about sustainability and has zero incidence on Tuna long lining!
Fishermen will be able to continue long lining for Tuna but may be asked to put in place bycatch mitigation measures like no steel leaders etc that actually lead to higher, not lower catches of Tuna!

Best of luck to everybody involved.
My prediction stands: victory for the Mantas, probably not for the Sharks - and if so, let us for once see a truthful post mortem and a moment of accountability on top of the Manta victory laps!

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