Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mediterranean Elasmobranchs - two Movies by David!

Xisco Perez's 2nd Great White, Mallorca 1976 - source.

The big Elasmobranchs in the Med are screwed.
This insight is obviously not new - but it is once again being confirmed by this latest assessment by the FAO, paper here.

With that in mind, David's movies are of particular importance.
I've blogged about A Ray of Light a while ago and can only once again invite everybody to watch it.

Fantastic, isn't it.
And I'm obviously not the only one liking it.
Not only has the movie helped Brad take his Stingray conservation project to the next level, but it is now attracting international praise which bodes extremely well both for Brad but also for David Diley as a film maker!
Huge kudos once again!

Which brings me straight to Behind Blue Glass.

WeIl the wait is now officially over.
As announced last December, it is finally being released to the public in tandem with Vimeo's launch of its ingenious Tip Jar pay-per-view (= pay once, watch forever) service. The price for viewing it is a ridiculous 5.99 bucks and I leave it to David to tell you why you should watch it.
And on top of all of that, he just simply deserves your solidarity - for being passionate, extremely hard working and talented, and just simply a good guy who loves Sharks like crazy!

C'mon - just DO it!
You won't regret it for so many reasons, all of which are good!
Thank you!

PS And talking of the Med's GWS.
Read the paper linked at the top - and no, I'm not telling! :)

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OfficetoOcean said...

Thanks Mike! The feedback from people so far who have seen it is that they have really enjoyed it which is nice :)

Your blog is nicely timed as well as I may well be making a big announcement about something Med-Elasmo related this week. As usual, it's very ambitious :D