Thursday, March 07, 2013

If there ever was a real Villain in the World…

Disgraced Secretary-general of CITES.
Now, President of the WCTF and IWMC, Japanese astroturf.

Now those bastards are at CITES, posing as NGOs.
They have produced stuff like this and this, and are spreading their lies and disinformation among the delegates who don't know whom to believe, and all is being paid for by the fishing interests and Japan's political agenda of not wanting any marine species listed. The latter BTW driven by the whaling controversy - and may we once again thank the SSCS for continuing to stand in the way of any reasonable solutions!

Lapointe has penned this shit.
Working for you with over 81 years of experience in the CITES Secretariat indeed!
You = see above!

So what about the math.
An "average Shark" weighs 20.8kg (see the paper) and at an average fin/body ratio of 5%, it yields approx one, not 30 kilos of fins - this wet, when the fins are dried we're talking 1 pound, max. After processing, the filaments may weigh half of that - just enough for approx 5 servings
Assuming that the fins of the 100m Sharks of the paper are all being used for soup (an assumption the paper does not support!), those Sharks will yield 500 million servings/year - and this spread over many Asian communities world wide and not only the Chinese in China!
Makes one, likely far less bowls/year pp!

What a total bastard.

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