Monday, March 11, 2013

CITES - Victory for the Mantas!

Did I really just post this thing to my blog???

First and foremost, a big hug to YOU DaMary! :)
And bravo Manta Ray of Hope!

And a huge kudos to Pew!
If the Shark and Manta listings are confirmed in the plenary session, it will be a HUGE slap in the face to Japan, China and their cronies - the ultimate irony being that their insistence on secret ballots may have well allowed several delegations to vote against the instructions of their so-called development partners!
Hint: one should ask for secret ballots at the plenary session! :)

Congratulations Angelo!
No I'm not gonna pose with a flat Shark on my blog - but please, do take the opportunity to investigate the reasons why the delegates have voted in favor this time. I'm quite sure that many will answer if you ask them, and good lessons may be learned for the best strategies going forward!
Was it the excellent science - or may they have been principally swayed by, gasp, those bloody petitions and pictures?

Anyway, thank you ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks to your efforts, this has really been an excellent day!

PS: Thanks Angelo, this is very nice of you!
PS2: and this, too!


Megalobomb said...

And here lies the true power of online petitions and posing with a shark cut out...

Whether or not all the facebook pictures or 'signatures' factored into the actual success will always be questionable, but without a doubt everyone who posed with a shark/manta cut out feels as if they were personally a part of the successes seen yesterday. Thereby, all of these participants will be motivated again to help when the next cut-out shark demands it. People like to 'win'.

DaShark said...

Yeah yeah just rub it in!

Megalobomb said...

Hold on, let me just get a pic of me reading your blog to Shark Stanley... :)

Tropical Selkie said...

Someone thinks paper, cut-out sharks and mantas might be useful?! I'm almost never right when you and I debate; but I'll take this one. :-) Cheers!!