Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shark Sicko!


What a heartless sick piece of shit!
Watch this.

And he's got the audacity to use Shark conservation memes!
Would somebody in the US Shark conservation community please issue a public statement strongly condemning and distancing themselves from this abomination.

Thank you.


OfficetoOcean said...

It's not even funny either, he's just trying to shock. What a complete prick!

Tropical Selkie said...

In very poor taste, overall. But don't think it will have any impact on shark is a media blip, at best. I really like the shark costumes though!

DaShark said...

It's so fucking disrespectful to the family who lost a father and husband, it makes me puke. Somebody from our circles ought to have the fortitude and compassion to slam it down in public and voice their concern to the idiots that have aired it.

One Shark gets killed somewhere on the coastline and everybody engages in frothy vocal condemnation and petitioning - and this absolute disgrace should go unanswered?

OfficetoOcean said...

Absolutely! One of the biggest things going against the image of shark conservation are the dickheads who seem to celebrate each attack as some kind of divine retribution. It isn't, a (by all accounts) good guy goes for a swim and doesn't make it back alive, yes it's nature but where's the compassion.

The world is infested with people who think the only way to get people to listen to them is by being a complete dickhole and this guy is clearly in that camp.

The victim has a newborn who will never know its dad and that's supposed to be funny?