Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zero Syntax!

Barf - source!

We got ourselves a winner, and I cite!
I have to agree ... in what comes along as a lofty latin aphorism, everything is pretty much messed up ... essentially, there is no visible syntax, and as such the sentence is not translatable. My suggestion:
„Vos custodes estis nostri oceani, aspicite nostri oceani diversitatem".
Maybe someone really wanted to cement his intellectual supremacy among the ignoramuses - who ever it was...
I must say, I was initially dismayed by the total absence of comments by English-speaking biology students, the more as I thought that the prize of one week's diving with Sharks would prove irresistible. But then, a lecturer explained that in today's times, the required foreign language in Biology is not Latin but Computer!
O tempora!

It lacks any proper declension and conjugation, and the words are arranged in the wrong order. Translated into English, it reads as follows
You the guardians they are of our, the ocean, may he used to look upon the our the ocean the diversity.
Whatever, right?
Who cares about those minutiae as long as one can continue to bask in the uncritical adulation by the Sharkanatics whilst posting atrocious photoshopped Götterdämmerungskitsch-edits, see above, an denen Adolf seine helle Freude gehabt hätte!

But back to Marlen's answer.
It fulfills all my preconditions and is formally correct - but having said that, I believe the vos to be redundant and would also rearrange the words as follows, this to better reflect classical Latin sentence structure, e.g. verb at the end (tho imperative may be an exception) and genitives before accusative and nominative.

Oceani nostri custodes estis, oceani nostri diversitatem aspicite!

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