Sunday, February 10, 2013

Manta Ray of Hope - Global Threat to Manta and Mobula Rays!

Excellent job by Shawn - again!
This is his grisly travelogue.

This is urgent and important.
I've been a huge fan of the Manta Ray of Hope project since its inception, and urge you to inform yourself about the status of Mantas by visiting the link but especially, by consulting the 2011 report and the 2012 paper. The two Mantas are proposed for listing under CITES II at the next CoP in Thailand.

Now the project team are asking for your help.
Any donation will be matched and used to educate the CITES delegates.
These are brilliant, passionate, intelligent and above all, 100% honest people and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Accomplishments here - of note: just facts, no fanfare whatsoever.
And here are the next steps, basically a how-to guide for excellent, targeted marine conservation.

Please, if you can, give generously.
This is money well invested.

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