Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sam and Granma!

Granma by Sam - source!

Having witnessed it, this was the clash of the titans!
When two equally formidable, irreducible and feisty (and granted, provided one behaves = defers to their authority: mostly quite sweet!) ladies meet, it does get interesting! But when push comes to shove (literally!), 600 pounds of raw muscle sporting several rows of razor-sharp teeth end up asserting their right of way! :)
And I got the video to prove it - screen shot here!

Right now, it's mating season.
And Granma is very much at it - regardless of her protracted age, gravitas and being half blind! Equally covered in mating bites: Tip, Sickle, Naughtylus, Bum, Nani and a whole gaggle of no-names, meaning that that we can look forward to another bumper generation of youngsters! And with numbers already regularly above 50, and this at the start of the season, we can equally look forward to record numbers in mid year!

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Tropical Selkie said...

Thanks, Mike. Yes, it is true...I 'gave way' to Granma, out of respect. She IS a big girl. In my defense, however, unlike most pro shooters who get that close to her, all I had was a hand-held GoPro and a data sheet. It was amazing and I hope to see her again. Happy Diving, Sam