Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sharkbite - welcome to Shark Reef!

That's one lucky little Shark!

He turned up for the first time today.
Completely unafraid to the point of being positively feisty, he kept buzzing the feeders and yours truly and even nearly accepted a Tuna head from Rusi - which certainly bodes well for them developing a long and mutually enjoyable relationship!

The dorsal?
Contrary to Topsail where the stunted first dorsal appears to be a birth defect, this very much looks like a Shark bite and consequently, he henceforth goes by that name. My money would be on an attack by another Bull as the species is known to be cannibalistic.

Click for detail!

Anyway, lil fella, welcome to the club!


Shark Defenders said...

It looks fresh.

DaShark said...

Yup, to me too!

And yet, he appears completely unfazed & zips around like nothing has happened!

jsd said...

- Now even the sharks have started finning each other. Not good. Not good.