Monday, February 18, 2013

Just another Day in the Office!

The office!

Like I said - interesting times!

All are screen shots from today's Shark dive - click for detail.
Of note, every single Shark that has popped by to say hello is a known old-timer, whereas the youngsters have stayed well away! It's just a friendly nod - the mouth stays closed and they only touch the lens by mistake. And they all come from the left hand side like we've taught them to do!
But be it as it may - it is interesting!

Oh and Marlen: Marlen has absconded with a pole - again!

 Monica, Curly and Naughtylus
Tip with mating scars and shredded first dorsal
Nani with already healed mating scar
Naughtylus with deep mating scar


Martin Graf said...

You do a great job out there. I can't wait to come and visit your site! Awesome pictures too!

DaShark said...

G'schobe Martin! :)

Anytime - and do schlepp along you-know-whom!

Tropical Selkie said...

Oh, look, its all my 'friends' and they all have names! I love that. Yah know, naming sharks is a kind of 'citizen science' -- its what non-scientists use instead of numbers or tags. LOVE IT!

The Sharkman said...

I so miss you guys.