Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stefanie - Help required!

Just got a message from Stefanie asking for help.
Whilst the state of commercial Shark diving in Hawaii is going from terrible to even worse to plain ridiculous, she continues to doggedly pursue global Shark conservation.

The new battlefields: Guam and the Northern Marianas.
In both territories, forward looking politicians have introduced Shark fin bills modeled on the Hawaiian example - and now, some vigorous last ditch opposition by the usual interests is threatening to derail the process.

Richard at RTSea has already posted the details so no need to repeat them here.
Please, take the time to read through the post and to follow the recommendations. Like in Hawaii, this is good tangible local conservation and highly worthy of your support.

Thank you!


Neus said...!/pages/Say-NO-to-shark-fin-soup-Di-NO-a-la-sopa-de-aleta-de-tiburon/347877595571

Say NO to shark fin soup!

Susan Bruhn said...

Oh My! That's a lot of fins. I heard lot's of people are having their interest in killing sharks just to have their fins and sell it to restaurants. But I think they should stop it because other species of sharks are getting endangered already.