Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gordon Ramsay - oh my!

Should Gordon be fired?

Prima vista, I would have to concur with Patric.
But then, I had to think about the many prominent Shark advocates that have started out as Shark killers - mainly because in those times, Sharks were being viewed as villains, killing Sharks was in no way being frowned upon and they just did not know better. Yes that was a long time ago and one would presume that in this day-and-age, people would be better informed.

Which begs the question, have things really changed?
Despite of improvements, the mainstream media like Discovery continue to propagate the negative stereotypes and thus the average public is very likely still poorly informed and very much anti Shark. Also and despite of knowing better, many charter captains like that guy in Florida (let alone this despicable individual) are obviously not educating their customers - and why would they as long as those Sharks are not being protected and a VIP is offering them money and exposure.
Solutions? (yeah I know I know)

With that in mind, can we really slam Ramsay for not having known?

It's a difficult one and it boils down to a personal judgment call.
What pushed me to the side of Ramsay was the generally libelous undertone of the article that broke the story. I believe Ramsay's spokesman when he states that Gordon would no longer support any type of shark fishing and hopes viewers who watched Shark Bait will be educated, like he was, to support these endangered species, and concur with Richard Peirce that the man has very likely changed his ways. One thing is clear, he has since done great things for the cause and deserves our gratitude for that. Plus, I must confess that I just happen to like people that use strong language (see above) in this age of politically correct wishy-washyness! :)
Long story short - in my book, Gordon remains a good man - for now!

But that would just be me!


Patric Douglas said...


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

One last thing. Credibility. Is it not important to the message?

Paul Watson, I am looking at you Mr-I-Was-Shot-In-The-Chest(?)

Look at it from the shark fin side, here comes this loud and seemingly credible media star who rails against the shark fin industry.

His anti-shark fin media train gains steam and these guys say "wow we need to respond to this, that guy is credible", then BAM!

News reports and really ugly video of the same, once credible guy, killing sharks over two who days of fishing and then mounting the shark carcass so he can gaze at his thrill kills from his comfy London flat.

Credibility, not redemption.

I am bone tired of those, new and old, within the conservation world who say "follow me I will take you to the promised land" and then fail.

Either from media down falls or self inflicted wounds, how many seriously flawed conservation prophets do we have going these days?

Frankly we're seeing a lot of "redemption" within the conservation world and while it plays to the inner circle of conservationists (they love to spend time redeeming), the outside world is not buying into it.

Gandhi practiced non violence, made the center point of his life, ended up toppling a nation, but at no time did we see images and video of Gandhi - beating with a stick - those who he wished to affect change from. It was his core message and he stuck to it.

Core credibility that went on to spawn the civil rights movement, another success.

That's a long time ago and he was not in the center of the media world we live in now, but that makes my point.

What kind of absolute stupidity does it take to film that kind of garbage and post it to You Tube only to turn around and don the sparkling white robes of a Shark Messiah a few months later?

Where are the credible voices?

Where is the credible messaging?

Sorry Mike, I took my donations from New Conservation Church of Ramsay and went home this week.

I will wait until the next messiah steps up and see what he/she has to offer.

In the meantime and in the end, the real Church of Conservation resides within each of us.

Individually we can affect change.

Thus endth this Sunday sermon.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...


It is fashionable.

That's the good news, and if all goes well it will be a lasting fashion but not, I fear, if those with the message can't keep their pants from catching on fire.

Wow, you and I are actually disagreeing Mike, make this day on your calendar;)

DaShark said...


I did like your first comment better! :)

I stand by what I said - but I agree, with Shark conservation having thankfully (!) become fashionable, it sure has spawned a whole lotta Shark messiahs, credible and not!

DaShark said...

Duly marked! :)

The Sharkman said...

Hey guys..... you both have very strong points on your side and I found myself split 50/50 on this issue.

Which way would I finally go? Hummm lets wait and see what Mr. Ramsey will do from now on. Is he truely converted or is he just doing the "thing of the moment"?

As always...time will tell.

DaShark said...

Amen to that brother! :)