Monday, January 10, 2011

Wallpaper: getting there!

Is this wallpaper Bull Sharks?

Hell, no - but getting there!
As anticipated, Sasha has started to post the pics from his last trip to Fiji and in his own words, this is rather initial take on this challenge - meaning that he has indeed picked up the gauntlet!
Can't wait for the continuation!

And what about the chewing on those strobes?
The shark scientists and shark veterans DO know: my dear friend, u gotta either change strobes, or mask the electric signature of those YS-250s - or very much get the hell outta there! This will certainly improve as after the first frenzy at the beginning of the season, the Sharks are usually less ravenous and do calm down substantially - but if you want to continue operating in the front lines, those strobes are an unnecessary additional safety risk that needs to be addressed. Maybe this is fate telling you that it's time to upgrade?
Mind you, just a hint! :)

But other than that...
Not bad at all - for the beginning!

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