Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mangroves for Fiji - Cooperation!

Mangroves for Fiji continues to make inroads.

We continue to sign up planters and projects and thanks to the help of the valiant people of the Department of Forestry, we have started to branch out from the main Island of Viti Levu and are now talking to communities all across the country. Very soon, several new sites will be completed allowing us to add the carbon credits of more than 10 additional hectares, or 100,000 Mangrove trees to our tally.

Another one of our strategic partners is the IUCN.
Their Oceania Chapter is managing MESCAL, the Mangrove Eco-Systems for Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihoods, and the MFF team has been invited to take on a role as observers.

A while ago, we had the pleasure of showcasing our pilot project to the MESCAL delegates and we are quite confident that the visit has triggered some more lateral thinking.
In fact, we are already talking to people in other Pacific countries who who have shown interest in replicating the project there: meaning that 2011 could well see the inception of Mangroves for Oceania - how cool would that be, so fingers crossed!

Anyway, the event has resulted in this little post on the IUCN website, marking Arthur's first appearance in the conservation media - and yes, he's mighty proud!

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