Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bahamas - Traction!

This is Cristina who started the ball rolling with her petition.


We've been extremely busy and some important stories have not been told.
Like this one: it really looks like the efforts to protect the Bahamian Sharks are well underway!
I like the sound bites by Matt Rand of the Pew and I do especially like the push by the Bahamas National Trust under Eric Carey. This is totally effective outreach and I have no doubt that the effort will ultimately yield a positive result.
Now, if only they could go and educate the fishermen of Cat Island!

Enjoy the following videos, all courtesy of the ever busy The Dorsal Fin.
Great stuff !

And here is again Cristina, courtesy of Joe Romeiro of 333 Productions!

PS: Very smart recap by Patric here!

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