Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bullied back into diving!

Great title, marvelous article, great pics!
Thank you so much!

No wonder: the authors are all experienced Bull Shark aficionados.
Richard and Robin are the original discoverers of the juvenile Bull Shark aggregation at Chumphon Pinnacle and this was their first foray to Fiji. I must really say, rarely have we hosted such genuinely nice, unassuming and intelligent people, a true pleasure - which may also go a long ways to explaining why the staff were so eager to get Richard back into the water with the Sharks he so obviously loves!

fltr: Papa, Richard, Tumbi!

Lill is of course our multi-awarded honorary Viking staff photographer, once again showcasing her photographic prowess - and the advantages of being allowed into the ominous pit! Talking of which, Robin, you are herewith being officially upgraded as well - conditions permitting! :)
Guys - you must come back! If present numbers are any indication, this year will again be phenomenal!

The article was first published in Diver but is now online at Divernet.
I must say that it is really spot on in depicting what we do and why - with one caveat, that being that BAD was not founded by Mike, but by James. Who just happens to be visiting, both for his birthday and for the running of the bulls! And for much needed and well deserved R&R after having worked nonstop for 142 days - talk about being crazy!

Once again, Vinaka Vakalevu!
We owe you big time!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up Mike - pleased that they finally published the article and we will definitely be back! (especially if I have been upgraded to being in the pit!). Sorry to James for getting the detail a bit wrong :(
Robin and Richard