Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Click on it - and there's more in the link below!

No, not a typo!
Sasha has posted this gallery of toothy Bull Shark smiles and once again (this is getting boring...), all I can say is Wow!

A couple of caveats though!
First and foremost: dear customer, before you run off to pack your super duper wide angle rig & book a trip to Fiji, read this!
By dishing out copious amounts of Vodka to the staff and patiently listening to the ramblings of one of the owners, Sasha has earned himself superstar status and is being granted special privileges, notably the right to take up residence in the infamous pit. It's a symbiotic relationship: we let him do rather stupid things - he publishes stellar pics and reviews!
And no, we do not usually do this - this is strictly a one-off!

Secondly, this is so yesterday! :)
The challenge this season: wallpaper Bull Sharks!
Today, we had again 40+ Bulls which is pretty much unheard of at this time of the year - and despite of our best efforts, we've managed to only identify approximately half of them, meaning that many are totally new! With that in mind, and yes I may be repeating myself, we are very likely aiming at the magical number of one hundred Bull Sharks - yes on a single dive, meaning that this is just the beginning!

So far, this is the picture to beat!

The good news: for this, you do not need to be sitting in the pit!
The bad news: for this, you do not need to be sitting in the pit!
Meaning: no more haircuts! :)

And finally: yum yum yellow, dorky or not? That's a big fat нет-нет!
Yum yum yellow is the exclusive signature of one UW photographer and plagiarizing is punishable with instant excommunication from Wetpixel, Flickr and all related media! Plus, even the great man himself has had the courtesy to observe protocol!

Ceci dit: Sasha, we eagerly await your return!
The staff, with great anticipation - me, with the usual dose of apprehension! :)
See you real soon!

PS just checked out Vitaly's blog and found this.
Getting there! :)


scuba said...

wow pictures in the gallery you shared are incredible!

Anonymous said...

hey Mike, thanks a lot for your kind words ! We are departing tomorrow, see you on the 2nd ! :-)

Wilson said...

(Had to google what a group of sharks is called ><) That. Is a LOT of sharks O_o