Monday, December 27, 2010

About Oceanic Whitetips on BBC Radio 4!

The BBC have done it again!
Yes I confess, I'm a huge fan, especially of the National History Unit in Bristol!

This is podcast #33 of Saving Species presented by Brett Westwood.
It features Sarah Fowler of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group (of which I'm a big fan, too) with some truly unexpected and probably, and equally frighteningly totally correct comments about how some Shark fisheries have become so small that they have basically become irrelevant to the regional fisheries management bodies tasked with preserving them.

And then, there's one Steve Castle (?) with some remarkable statements about the Red Sea attacks. Bravo for putting things into perspective!
Steve I hear studies Shark Behavior - not to be confused with Applied Shark-Human Interaction, which as I understand it is a sub-discipline of Eco-Behavior! Talking of which, boy do I have a treat for you!!!
Keep watching this space! :)

Anyway, the link is here.

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