Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dyker med hajar på Fiji!

Stellar pic by Jean-Marie - click on it!

What a nice surprise!

Mattias Goldman has posted a real nice piece about us to Minplanet.
Mattias is one of our Shark diving customers and an employee of Tricorona, a company that deals with carbon trading and offsetting, and he was obviously interested in our mangroves project. Minplanet, which probably means "My Planet" (?) is apparently the Swedish climate site of WWF/TV4. For those of you who do not speak Swedish, copy the article into here and you'll get a pretty good translation.
Tack så mycket Mattias, much appreciated!

On a side note, Mangrovesforfiji is progressing very nicely indeed!
Keep an eye on the website to keep track of our new partners and plantations, and keep watching this space, as we shall be posting great news real soon!

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