Monday, January 26, 2015

WildAid - Manta Ray PSA!

Source - read it!

And I cite from this horrific report.
It turns out that the shark fin traders, in a move to offset diminishing profits due to the scarcity of large shark fins because of over-exploitation, had revived a relatively obscure, pseudo-medicinal coastal remedy called Peng Yu Sai.
Peng Yu Sai is a soup consisting of boiled Manta gills, Seahorses an Pipefish that is prescribed to treat fevers, chickenpox, and heat in the body. I call this "endangered species soup". The traders then began marketing the remedy as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a niche industry was born. It is worth noting that our interviews with TCM practitioners revealed that Peng Yu Sai was in fact not considered a part of TCM.
Much more info here and here.
And now, watch.

Well done WildAid!
But - no Shark Savers logo?

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