Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tiger Beach - cool Research!


I must say, I really like this.
It's about bloody time somebody took a long hard look at Tiger Beach - both to assess its biological importance and hopefully, one day, to finally evaluate the impact of those diverging diving protocols!
And since we're at it - could somebody please turn it into a full no-take MPA?

Anyway, bravo Neil for starting to tackle those obvious questions!


jsd said...

If past records are anything to go on there's scant chance either of the two main parties which are pretty much alternatively elected (FNM and PLP) has the political will to make an MPA there. At Bimini the PLP has gone out of its way to help/allow the Bimini Bay developers to trash the inshore ecology. The FNM politicians claim to oppose the destruction and promised a MPA at Bimini when they were in power - but did nothing.

DaShark said...


But they DID declare a Shark Sanctuary, and TB is remote, not coveted by competing interests and a tourism cash cow.

But of course somebody would have to advocate for it - so here's to the BDA doing the right thing!