Friday, January 02, 2015

Sport Diver - genuine Misunderstanding?

Great pic by Gary!

Is this recent?
I can see no date - but this is the second time I see it in as many days, so there.
And I cite.
In addition to conducting shark research and fish counts, Aqua-Trek helped create the Shark Reef Marine Reserve and Fiji Shark Corridor — a protected area that covers almost 30 nautical miles along the main island of Viti Levu’s southern coastline. The goal: to stop illegal fishing and finning. The conservation efforts here have been so successful that the marine reserve has become an inspiration and a model for shark conservation efforts in other parts of the world too.
Hell, no.
They did not help and they did not conduct. We did.
And every single underwater picture in that article is from our dives.
What's next - the National Marine Park, too?

This however is not us.
And that's not a Silky, either.

Not impressed!
Here's to this having been nothing more than an unfortunate misunderstanding!

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