Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shark Conservation in South Africa?

One truly never stops learning - this is Shark Conservation!

First, the good news.
African Watersports are still using Allen's Shark-friendly bait ball.

The bad news?
Check this out.

So, are you impressed?
Because, apparently, this is NOT, yet again, an exercise in stupid self promotion - oh no, far from it! This is modern conservation messaging, and the dude merely wanted to highlight that it’s not me in danger, but the sharks themselves! 
It's right here in black and white, so it must be true! 

Me, not so impressed.
Not by the shenanigans, nor by him not wearing dark gloves in such a situation where pasty hands sticking out of black wetsuits look exactly like bait - and yes he certainly could have lost his finger with that one!
And if so, what would have happened to all the conservation messaging?

Nor is Martin - his toothy comments here

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