Thursday, January 15, 2015


Left-to-right: Mavoa, Michael, Api, Aceni, Tumbee at the top an Manoa at the bottom, El Diego, El Ciro and Rusi!

What can I say.

He was here.
For those of you in the know, this is nothing short of a miracle - who would have thought this possible just a couple of years ago!
But I've finally done what I always wanted to do and thrown him to the Sharks. As is usual during this time of the year, the dive was not for the faint of heart, see below - but I can report that he did not even flinch!

Yes the big females are all back - click for detail!

I must really say that Michael Domeier is one great guy.
And lucky, too - his wife Amy Grace is one helluva nice lady!
Anyway, I've had a fabulous time, and so did El Diego and El Ciro that joined us on the dive and later, for an extended round of discussions. Oh - and I'm now the proud owner of a jar of very rare and very premium Great White Honey - simply delicious, get one!

Great stuff!
Moce mada amigo - and come back soon!


Unknown said...

Vinaka levu Mike! The dives were the highlight of my trip. I'm in Fiji for a few more days and will be showing some of my bull shark dive video to friends on Tavarua Island later today!


Shark Diver said...

That honey really is delicious! I highly recommend it!