Friday, January 30, 2015

Fish Warden Course!


This is the fish warden class of 2015!
This is the fourth fish warden course we sponsor, and the lineup obviously comprises many BAD boyz and Galoa villagers that will patrol the SRMR - but there is also Ron from Projects Abroad, plus several participants from Vunibau and even the USP that will henceforth patrol and protect the precious Bull, Lemon and Scalloped Hammerhead nurseries in the mouths of the Navua and the Rewa, respectively!
Our thanks go to the Department of Fisheries, The Ministry of Environment, the Police, the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and the office of the Roko Tui Serua for all having kindly assisted in this endeavor!
And to Nani for having organized it all! :)

Just like I said.
Like always the proof is the doing, not in those breathy announcements and idle talk!

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