Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spain - still at it!

European Shark fishing. Source - click for detail.

From the news release.
The renewal of this agreement ... will allow for 22 tuna ships, 17 Spanish surface longliners and another 52 ships flying an EC flag to continue operating in the waters of this country under technical conditions similar to those currently in effect...
The improvements over the previous protocol include a 25% increase in the shark quota assigned to the European longline fleet, of which over 80% corresponds to the 17 longliners from Galicia.

Access to this fishing ground will represent a total disbursement of just over six million euros from the EU budget, of which 2.8 million euros will be spent on financing development aid projects in the fisheries sector. To this figure must be added a disbursement due to be made by the European ship-owners amounting to four million euros for the entire period, depending on the use made of agreed fishing allowances.

The swift conclusion of the Protocol enables a strengthened presence by the Spanish fleet in the Indian Ocean, thereby enhancing the network of EU Fisheries Agreements with other countries in the region (the Seychelles, the Comoros, Mozambique and Mauritius). The General Secretariat of Fisheries encourages the European Commission to continue working on expanding and consolidating the network of EU Fisheries Agreements with non-EU countries as a fundamental pillar of the Common Fisheries Policy. 
Long story short?
After having annihilated the Sharks in the Med and in the Eastern Atlantic, Europe = the planet's biggest Shark killing entity and Spain = ranked third in the word = its worst perpetrator, are exporting their Shark fisheries abroad where they leverage their development aid in order to equally deplete the Fish stocks of those countries.
With that in mind, the recent protection of those few, completely depleted an thus economically insignificant Sharks and Rays in Spain and in the Mediterranean rings completely hollow.

Guaranteeing sustainability for fishing activity my ass!
What the Fuck!

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