Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mega-Sanctuaries - Mega-Announcements!

Our Ocean is delivering some mighty big goodies.

Obama is proposing the world's largest MPA.
That's a great project indeed, and kudos for it - but there's the tiny little detail that first, he'll have to overcome the likely opposition by the US Tuna fishing industry and of course, by the Republicans.
We'll see.

And then, there is Tong.
It appears that during his Remarks he has, once again, proudly announced that the PIPA will be closed to commercial fishing, plus that there will be a fishing moratorium in the Southern Line Islands, both effective next year. 
So, does that mean that he deserves one more round of accolades simply for finally keeping his word? I say, Fool me once..., meaning that for now, this earns him just a hint of a slow hand clap pending rigorous verification of any fishing quotas next year.

And... what's the quid pro quo?
Maybe a nice posh job, maybe in some major NGO once he retires - or will he renounce the trappings of notoriety, retire to Tarawa and valiantly share the fate of his beloved people?
Questions questions!

The real kudos go to Christopher Pala for a great piece of investigative journalism that has unearthed the scam and quite possibly forced the shifty President's hand. And now that it appears done - how about another piece unmasking WESPAC!

To be continued!

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