Thursday, January 30, 2014

We believe in Accountability and Sustainability!

And I cite.
about omojo
Omojo" is a global leader for marine bio-nutraceutical product development, with U.S. headquarters in Burlington, WA. Our name, Omojo, derives from the magic of ocean biodiversity whose mysteries and resources hold infinite promise for promoting human health and well-being.

» We believe in accountability. 
100% traceable raw ingredients. total manufacturing control. commitment to third party certification.

» We believe in sustainability 
taking the long view. not compromising today for tomorrow. knowing that good environmental and social practices = good business.
Now, please read this and this.
Big congratulations to Alex and Paul of WildLifeRisk for having unveiled the abomination that is that Whale Shark slaughterhouse.
Abhorrent as this is, protection conferred under CITES II is not absolute - and here somebody is obviously brazenly exploiting the resulting loopholes, and this very likely coupled with  profiteering from poaching and corruption.

China may be far away - but not Burlington, WA!
Just sayin'!


Diggery-do said...

Digging down into this:

1. Omojo has distribution at Target, Walgreens,, and Vitamin World.

2. They have a brand certification by Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D at Atherotech Diagnostics Lab 201 London Parkway Birmingham, AL 35211 800.719.9807

Q - Are you 100% sure this company uses whale shark oil?

Q - Has anyone done testing of Omojo products?

DaShark said...

This is essentially a breaking story - those are the assertions and I'm sure people are, uh, digging into that as we speak!

Diggery-do said...

Happy days.