Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shark Riding - Backlash!



Looks like that last idiotic stunt has precipitated the right reaction.
Watch this.

Of course it is simply egregious.
No not that Hammerhead ride that simply broke my heart - the hypocritical bullshit proffered by the very people who make a living posting videos of themselves doing that shit!

So don't be fooled.
Whereas the stupid home videos by those copycats have no ulterior motives other than moronic braggadocio, all those disrespectful stunts by those media whores in front and behind the cameras, and their sponsors have one purpose only: self promotion and money! And now that the public's sensibilities may be changing - do you really believe that all that public backpedaling has any other purpose than to secure a continued seat on the gravy train?

I say, just go away.
Sharks are no fucking underwater scooters, so stop pretending that abusing them as props for furthering your pathetic careers got anything to do with conservation. Leave us alone and go peddle your t-shirts and idiotic lifestyles somewhere else.


Rabid Shark Huggers Untie! said...

This is rich. Shark Angels and Mark Healey speaking out AGAINST crazy shark interactions. Two RABID self promoting entities that, for at least the first three years of their shark "careers", pushed the half assed notion that all sharks just, "needed a hug".

Welcome to Career Redux 2.0.

A place where you can essentially promote a personal brand hugging and riding sharks, only to turn on a dime and become the champion AGAINST the very thing you once promoted.

"Don't try this at home" - Mark Healey - "At least don't try what I am doing with sharks to sell T-shirts in Hawaii and to collect big dollars from Go Pro sponsorships".


jsd said...

Is she nude?

DaShark said...


But really, does anybody give a shit?

jsd said...

She could get a nasty abrasive burn.

DaShark said...


But really, does anybody give a shit? :)

Lindsay L. Graff said...

Let's cross our fingers she gets a nasty abrasive burn.

Megalobomb said...

Their public discouragement may also be fueled by career preservation. The more 'average Joes' jump on sharks and survive to put it on YouTube, the more it is obvious that shark riding requires absolutely zero shark whispering skills. So why endorse them?