Tuesday, January 07, 2014

More mating Scars!

This is a new Shark we've named Steps

Thank you Daniel!

Daniel is the lucky winner of the 1m draw.
He had already booked his trip so this came as an unexpected relief to his budget, something I'm sure is highly welcome as he is slated to be on the road for several more months. He has just sent me this link to his travelogue where he states some real nice things about BAD (thanks!) and where he has also posted a selection from his deluge of pics, among which some Bulls with mating scars. The images are yet to be edited, so I've taken the liberty to slightly sharpen and watermark the two above - click for detail!
More pictures here.

And btw I was wrong.
Daniel is not Swiss but German - and still, we had a great time!
So lemme set the record straight on the whispering campaign by some cretin out there. I'm the son of a German, incidentally Aryan-Protestant mother and an Austrian Jewish father, speak impeccable German and used to be a member of the executive board of Deutsche Bank in Switzerland. 

I got nothing against "the Germans". 
Aber ich bin allergisch gegen besserwisserische Nörgler und Querulanten, und das ganz speziell wennse zudem noch senile Trottel sind!

Alles klar?


jsd said...

Whispering campaign against you? How can that be? The charlatans you criticise so hilariously and devastatingly here surely have the decency and integrity to respond with facts.

In the spirit of bridge-building, might I suggest you forward these mating-scar pics to Marie Levine of the 'Shark Research Institute founded at Princeton'? She can then pass them on to the world's greatest and only shark behaviour expert. Given that her sidekick Ritter can look at the shark bites of a shark attack -- sorry,shark accident -- victim, and deduce (!) what was going on in the mind (!) of the attacking -- sorry, accident-prone -- shark at the moment it accidentally removed parts of the injured/deceased, I am sure he can look at these bites and deduce what was going on in the mind of the male shark doing the biting.

Hold on. No need. I think I've got that one covered.

DaShark said...


Facts and Integrity indeed!

jsd said...

Have you checked your bulls to make sure none of them have any of SvS's tags?

Angelo Villagomez said...

I have been spreading the rumor that you are French.

OfficetoOcean said...

He got upset at me in Fiji because I said he was Swiss. Never let it be said that Herr Neumann is anything but cosmopolitan

DaShark said...

One of my two true friends (...) calls me a cunning linguist - let's keep it @ that!