Friday, January 03, 2014


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Over to you David! :)
Vox populi in comments section here!

Errare humanum est - perserverare, diabolicum.


WhySharksMatter said...

That's clearly aquaman.

DaShark said...

Based on the scientific evidence, methinks those are mermaids!

Megalobomb said...

Would the real shark expert please stand up?

DaShark said...

= you mean, anybody who's smart enough to click on the link in the caption?

Likely Spinners or Blacktips!

Megalobomb said...

Or anybody smart enough to know the difference between shark and dolphin tails, which is clearly not a pre-req for producing Shark Week shows nor being called a shark expert... Yikes!

And in this corner... said...

The Ultimate Smack-Down:

"Science Guy vs TV Guy"

I am going with the TV Guy on account I saw him on TV and he makes white sharks jump, plus he hires a stream of "science type" guys to explain sharks to audiences -- so he's credible.

That science guy (South Fried) has a blog or two, so not much there. Besides he never made a shark jump, just hooks them and takes selfies.

DaShark said...

The tail can be misleading, esp when u compare Dolphin tails to the heterocercal tails of those Lamnids.

As per David, the 100% accurate diagnostic feature are the relative distances of snout-pecs-dorsal.

DaShark said...

he never made a shark jump, just hooks them and takes selfies

Very very funny! :)
Good to c that yer still at it sir - HNY!