Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Shark Research Institute - peddling Pseudoscience?

Click for detail!


Have they done it - again?
You be the judge of it, see at top!

My thoughts on the subject here, with many links.
At best, it's shoddy reporting showcasing naive credulity - but it could also be interpreted as an endorsement and then, it's just simply unconscionable.
Disjointed musings about the SRI et al here.

In other news from la-la land.
Behold SRI's latest contribution to Shark conservation - oh yes, this would be on a government website soliciting comments from the public!
Pompous anybody?


jsd said...

Why the question mark in the header?

DaShark said...

Good question!

I'm getting soft... must be the age...

LGraff said...

Ah, I see zebras are back in style.