Friday, October 11, 2013

Australian GWS - extremely well documented!

The shenanigans continue - as expected!

No WA did not miss out on anything!
If you read past the pro-OCEARCH propaganda and Fischer's pathetic demagoguery, you will discover that the Ozzie GWS researchers have been extremely active - and I may add that this has been going on for years (read it!) and not only since the strikes in WA. As a result, the coastal phase (including the nurseries and early life stages) of the life history of those Sharks is extremely well documented - and considering that that is precisely where their trajectories intersect with those of the aquatic recreationists,  Fischer's assertions sound particularly hollow. 
More details here, and I know of trials to link those arrays to the other early warning systems and thus e.g. complement the helicopter patrols.
Think the WA authorities are really as moronic as depicted? Check this out and think again!

The oceanic phase however warrants more investigation.
Ever since Bonfil documented Nicole's epic trip, we know that there is connectivity between WA and South Africa. As far as I know, the purpose of those voyages remains unknown - but that cannot be addressed by telemetry alone and will require additional evidence collection, very much like what has been pioneered by Domeier in the NE Pacific.
Think the Ozzie scientists are too stupid to do that if they wanted to?

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