Sunday, January 31, 2021

TC Ana!

Ana, one hour ago.
Well, well.
This sure has been interesting.
Ana has kept on strengthening and just as it was reaching the coast, it turned into a Cat2 and left a swath of destruction tracking right across Viti Levu before exiting somewhere in between here and Suva just an hour or so ago - and lemme tell 'ya it ain't over quite yet!
We're mostly fine, but Pacific Harbour looks like a battlefield and will require a massive cleanup - once the electricity and water are back which considering the widespread damage may well take a week over here and much longer in Vanua Levu.

And that might not be all!
Like anticipated, we may well be in for another helping. 
The ocean remains hot, and the convergence zone keeps on spawning tropical depressions - and much like I said, there's a real chance that one of them could develop into yet another bloody cyclone!
Ana in blue close to the center - the other blue smudge is Tropical Depression 07F = TD07F.

Case in point, see below - click for detail!
Some forecasts already have a real monster drift over to Vanua Levu where it would linger for days - the good news being that this is merely a forecast, and that those are prone to changing.
Hopefully this time for the better!
So fingers crossed.
Be it as it may, you peeps in Fiji: stay vigilant and always, always prepare - by now we should all know that these suckers are fickle at best, and that they can change in the blink of an eye!
You know what to do!

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