Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Monday Cyclone?

Here comes the next one.
And sorry for all these cyclone post - yes this is a Shark diving blog but I trust that everybody understands that for us here, catastrophic weather events do supersede Sharks, at least temporarily!

Back to the bloody cyclone.
It really looks like much like anticipated, we might really be in for yet another one. Current forecasts  anticipate a TD spawning in the convergence zone just north of Vanua Levu before once again hitting poor ravaged Lambasa (and here) as a very rainy Cat 1 - click for detail.
And then it would be tracking across Vanua Levu, over the Lomaiviti, and then right off Suva and over to eastern Kadavu, see at the very top - and if so and especially should it even marginally veer to the East, we'd be in for yet another hammering!
Yes so far they have it as a Cat 1 - but latest since Ana, we all know what to make of that, and of  cyclones changing direction at the very last minute.

So, again, be vigilant peeps.
You know what to do - as many of us have learnt the hard way, one has to prepare every single time!
Anyway by Saturday we'll know more.
So please do check back on this post as I will update it with anything noteworthy.

Stay safe everybody!
PS - it is now Saturday and whereas all other sources do not appear to be much concerned, the NZ forecast continues to anticipate a cyclone, see below - and as they've been very reliable in the past, I am most certainly going to heed their warning! Yes so far the track is well to the East - but its location has been fluctuating and we're most definitely going to fully prepare!
Best of luck everybody!

PPS - As of Tuesday, this thing has come and gone as a TD, dumping tons of rain on poor Vanua Levu - but it may well become a Cat1 as it exits our waters. 
Anyway, we're fine - thanks for asking.

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