Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Another bloody Cyclone?

And here we go again.

Not that I'm in any way surprised.
It has been unrelentingly hot hot hot, and this is now the unavoidable consequence - and to make matters worse, the forecast has an uncanny resemblance to the forecast for Yasa that subsequently completely changed course and ended up ravaging the North.

There's good and bad news.
The good news being that so far, it only looks like a Cat1 that may wander south between Viti Levu and Vanuatu - the bad news being that the ocean is bloody hot and that consequently, the sucker has every opportunity to develop into something much more threatening, and to change course like last time.
You know what to do!
PS - What a mess!
We're pretty much stuck in the turbulent convergence zone where making accurate forecasts is even more difficult - and now Windy has it like this.

PPS - Bingo.
Now Metvuw and Windy seem to be in agreement that this is gonna be our future.
What a fucking fiasco - click for detail!

Anyway, as always we will see.
Best of luck everybody! 
PPPS - There you have it: it is now a Cat1 called Ana
The good news is that it is rather weak - the bad news being that it'll likely track smack across Viti Levu straight to Suva, and that it'll dump shitloads of rain. 
And to add insult to injury, it also looks like in a few days, there could be another depression, or even cyclone following right in its footsteps!
Never a dull moment huh.
Click for detail!

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