Monday, June 05, 2017


I must say that this has been way cool.

Thanks to the personal initiative by my pote the incomparable Serge, we've just hosted a group of divers from the iconic French expedition schooner Tara - and lemme tell 'ya, trying to manage a good dozen Frenchmen endowed with national hero status has most certainly not been for the faint of heart! But manage we did: they actually behaved impeccably, conditions were squally but otherwise propitious, and the Sharks did perform - so all is good.
And who knows: hopefully, we may have assuaged some trepidations and reservations and maybe even created some more Shark diving aficionados among the researchers!

Click for detail!

From here they are continuing to Suva.
Coinciding with the ground-breaking UN Oceans Conference in New York and World Oceans Day, they will participate in several events with local partners - see here, here and here. This is important stuff, and there is really something for everybody, including the chance to have a look at the vessel - so do make some time and do participate as nothing could be more vital for the future of the SoPac.

Obviously, for us, every day is Oceans Day.
June 8 is a Thursday, and we'll be diving with our Sharks - so, what are you waiting for!  :)

See you at Shark Reef!

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