Thursday, June 08, 2017

Fiji - Shark and Ray Commitment!

Fiji Bull Sharks: big, badass and soon to be protected !

So Fiji has delivered in spades.

Here is Fiji's Elasmobranch commitment.
If you look at the Deliverables, it not only includes as commitment to protect the putative Shark nursery in the Rewa but quite a bit more, including a comprehensive regulation for the protection and the management of Fiji's Elasmobranchs. Having been consulted, I can unequivocally state that the end result will be somewhere between excellent and very good, and take into consideration the interests of all the relevant stakeholders - provided, that is, that nobody barges in to meddle and spoils it at the very last minute like what has happened back then!
So, again, thanks but we do not need your help - you know who you are!

This is of course only step 1.
A very special bravo and Vinaka vakalevu, once again, to the incomparable Aisake Batibasaga for having put this on the agenda - and fingers crossed that this will translate into legislation very soon!

And one last comment.
Under Resources Mobilized you can discern that the WWF will play a special role. This is in recognition of the tireless efforts of Ian Campbell who over the past years, has managed to earn himself the respect and the trust of the local authorities.
Here he is, educating the public - enjoy!

PS: and here come the first scavengers - how fucking pathetic!

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