Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Big GWS on a Beach!

Same thing, different ocean - source.

Apparently this GWS is hunting Stingrays.
Maybe, tho to me it looks stranded - but who knows.

Anyway, enjoy!

PS story here.
The conclusion that the Shark was hunting for Stingrays because it was too injured to hunt for sea lions is highly speculative and likely incorrect as even large GWS do not at all exclusively prey on Mammals but instead feed on a wide variety of prey including Elasmobranchs, bony Fishes and Cephalopods etc.


Anonymous said...

It's very badly injured behind the dorsal fin. Maybe it's looking for help or just doing it's best to survive!

DaShark said...

Most likely NOT looking for help - but charming thought! :)

It's a nasty wound but then again, compared with what White Sharks regularly do to each other, it is not really extraordinary. Considering their amazing healing ability, it is very likely to recover.

As for the Stingrays, they are very much among the usual prey of GWS so nothing unusual there!

Shark Diver said...

Not sure about it being 15 ft. it looked more like a sub adult to me, based on the size of the guy in the water.

It's strange, but do you notice that the white sharks "always" seem to be 15'?

DaShark said...

In fact, they ARE 15', every single one of of them - just ask Ralph!

Seriously, that Shark is big but never 4.5m!

Shark Diver said...

Ah, that's where the figure comes from. I couldn't tell the size of a shark, I don't have years of "Pear" reviewed publications. I'm just a shark diver. ;-)

I agree, my guess would be around 3- 3.5m.