Friday, September 02, 2016

Surrounded by Bull Sharks!

This is nice - thank you Martin!

And talking about Topsail.
She's been a regular visitor ever since that first sighting in 2007, is as feisty as ever and has developed into one of our most eager hand feeders. With so many Shark competing for those Tuna heads, success depends on a combination of rank which in our Bull Sharks appears to be determined by size, thus favoring the older females; boldness which generally favors the males and selected particularly feisty small females; and finally, timing and skill which favors the best learners.
Being still quite small, Topsail excels in the latter categories and usually manages to bag a few heads - but beware of her temper when she does not!

And now she's got a little sister, see at top.
We always try to choose names that help us with the ID, and have thus decided to call her Sail, the more as she already appears to be as feisty as Topsail was back then.

Welcome aboard little girl!

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Tilou écovolontaire said...

Really a good article from Martin Graf that expresses things that I experienced too in much better words than what I could do. Thanks for that!
But looking at the picture at the top of this article and starting to read I was a little surprised. Yes, Topsail has something special at the top of her dorsal fin but in my memory it was not like that... and then I discovered about Sail. It's great to know that there is a new shark around and it's good to know that even 1 month after leaving Fiji, I'm still able to recognize some of the sharks (or at least recognize when it's not one of the ones I know). I really love those sharks and the work you do with them