Friday, September 09, 2016

The secret Life of White Sharks!


I totally support this.
Because a) Charlie is one of the good guys, because b) it involves GSD member Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions and especially, because c) this is important research for the Shark diving industry.
If you remember those papers by Barry Bruce, there were small localized effects with possible  ramifications for the fitness of the animals and the ecosystem, and Charlie is now embarking on a quest to come up with some solid evidence.
After Richard and Adam's lastest Whitetip Reefie paper, I very much suspect that those GWS may be expending a tad too much energy on those fruitless hunts (see here = 2008!) - and if so, is anybody taking bets on whether the authorities will then allow for a modicum of, gasp, proper feeding as they should? :) 

And since everybody tells me that the behavior of those GWS is miles removed from that of their placid cousins in Lupe - why isn't anybody seeing them hunt those Sea Lions?

Anyway, all very interesting.
Please do consult this page and make a contribution.

Thank you!

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Ian Campbell said...

Had the pleasure of meeting Charlie last week at the OCS meeting in Hobart, where he gave excellent presentations on baiting & GWS.

Really looking forward to his papers and research results which will provide much needed, reasoned and scientifically sound information to the ongoing feeding/provisioning/baiting discussions.