Friday, September 30, 2016

Guadalupe - giant GWS!

This is the much hyped Big Blue.

And this is Tzitzimitl.
Martin who's been doing this forever and is considered the top authority on Lupe's GWS writes,
We just came back from an awesome trip to Guadalupe Island, where we encountered 33 different great white sharks in 3 days. Among them was Tzitzimitl, the biggest shark we have ever seen. She has been first seen at Guadalupe Island in 2002 and is #54 in our database. She is a very regular visitor to the island, doing the 2 year cycle that the big mature females there are known for. She has been sighted in 2002, 03, 05, 07, 12, 14 and now 2016.

Is she bigger than Deep Blue, the one some people claim is the biggest white shark ever filmed? Click on the link below for the video and judge for yourself.
So there - enjoy, and here!

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