Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bull Sharks in Fiji - Video!

Daniel in 2014 with the Fiji delegation when Fiji was successful in listing the Mobulas and Reef Mantas under CMS, ratified last February - source.

Daniel Fernando (great interview!) is one of the good guys.
Like us and many others who work tirelessly away from the limelight, he knows that marine conservation strategies in a developing country are miles away from what is being spouted by especially the Americans. Inevitably, instead of winner-takes-all solutions, we need to advocate for compromise positions that take into account all stakeholders inclusive of the fishing industry and especially, the interests of the grassroots communities; and contrary to all those grandiose self-congratulatory social media posts and useless petitions that suggest that this is fast and easy, progress only happens baby step by baby step, with countless setbacks and interminable waiting periods. 
Right now, as one of the Directors of the Manta Trust, Daniel is helping Fiji spearhead efforts to list the Mobulas under CITES; but in his native Sri Lanka, his Blue Resources is engaging in the task of trying to slowly help reforming the currently woefully inadequate Elasmobranch fishing regulations, something that once again must be unendingly tedious and frustrating, and thankless to boot.

Anyway, he was here.
This is video from one single two-tank dive excursion he took before participating in a CITES workshop. As I remember, conditions were not ideal - but Shark Reef always delivers, so there.

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