Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sustainable Shark Diving - Launch!

Like I said, finally!

Please do read this press release.
Rick writes,
We are live on Earth Day! After nearly 1.5 years of work, hundreds of conversations, thousands of dollars in crowd-sourced support, and countless collaborations and wishes of confidence from colleagues, friends, and strangers I am proud to put this hopefully meaningful set of tools out as an experiment in building greater environmental sustainability in the rapidly growing shark diving industry. Good for divers... Good for sharks 
And indeed it is!
Like I said back then, I was hoping it would follow Austin's suggestions, and it does; and when it comes to Industry buy-in, it most definitely already enjoys the support of many industry leaders among which, obviously, GSD.

The website, so far so good.
I'm sure Rick's friends including yours truly will pester him with suggestions for improvement - but it obviously does the job and that is the most important part. 
Finding businesses is easy (tho why two steps to get there?) and the rating process is as easy as it gets (click on the question mark to get an explanation for the different categories). Rating is the important part as it will provide a uniform and measurable assessment of the operators' performance and hopefully spur them to address any weaknesses: so forget the comments at the end which will not be visible anyway - and above all, don't just leave a comment without first engaging in the rating process as your contribution will be essentially zero! And yes you gotta register to prevent fraud - a bloody pain but remember you only gotta do it once!

So there - and now comes the fun part.
Please rate rate rate rate rate as this will be you contribution to holding us all accountable, and to hopefully direct the global Shark diving industry towards a more responsible and long term sustainable model.
We are right here - hint hint! :)


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