Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Samantha - counting Sharks in Fiji!

Alot of BADness - the hands in the back belong to Lui and Chris.

Meet the indefatigable Samantha!

Talk about a personified whirlwind!
She came, saw and conquered, and is gone already!
In the process, she first counted Sharks  with the Scuba Diver Girls as part of the citizen science program  she heads, this in cooperation with the Great Fiji Shark Count with whom she will share all the data. 

And then, she popped by for a lightning-quick visit to the BAD boyz and girls. 
On the program: some serious Shark diving on the Best Shark Dive in the World and quite a bit of strategic planning. I count many personal friends within Shark Savers and ever since they have evicted the insane bimbette, our contacts have been particularly tight and cordial, culminating in the org's support for the GFSC where Sam has made a huge personal contribution - and with her having been here and understood what we're all about, watch this space for some new and exciting projects! 

And did we engage in some merciless debates? 
C'mon - do bears crap in the woods??

Talking of the dive.
It's fast becoming highly unpredictable as many Bulls are pregnant and the whole gang is getting ready to abscond in order to pup and mate, meaning that they are way less interested in popping by for a snack. But Sam was particularly lucky in witnessing decent numbers but above all, in making the very personal acquaintance of our unparalleled grand lady Granma. Here they are facing off - and I really can't wait for Sam to post that GoPro footage!

Badass meet badass - Granma & Sam - click for detail!

Anyway, it has been fun and inspiring.
Moce mada Sam - come back soon!


Tropical Selkie said...

Vinaka vaka levu, Mike and the friendly, amazing team at BAD. In my humble opinion, you more than deserve the tag "Best Shark Dive in the World"...not just because the animals are amazing (and the by amazing I mean, HUGE bull sharks and gorgeous blacktips)but because everyone there is kind, happy, experienced, knowledgeable and authentic -- such a rare and powerful combination. I am so grateful to have met everyone -- people and sharks; and honored to have felt so welcomed. And the work you've done to create the Shark Reef Marine Reserve is truly inspiring. Though I am refreshed by my visit, it was very hard to leave (with special thanks to my friend, Nani, for her friendship and hospitality). I look forward to more conservation projects together and another visit, definitely! Many hugs to all. ~ Sam

DaShark said...

A big vinaka vakalevu from all of us, too! :)