Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Lupe - Shenanigans!


Check this out.
Like everything from Pelagic Life, these are simply stunning images and the guys come across as totally accomplished watermen.

And still, I hate it.
From the standpoint of commercial Shark diving, this is once again a total disgrace. 

But don't worry, I'm not gonna dwell.
I'm actually sick and tired of repeating myself but if you care, go and read e.g. this and more specifically, this This is the inevitable consequence of Amos' idiotic pinnacle expeditions and of the ever-pervasive arms race whereby a very few rogue dive operators are willing to risk ruining it for everybody in order to cater to a minuscule and economically irrelevant minority. 

Long story short?
The speedo dude joins the proud ranks of the f@$%ing mermaid and of the menopausally challenged bikini bimbettes in SA, TB and alas now even Cat Island. And we can all look forward to the the next round of even bigger shenanigans by the next batch off even braver and stupider daredevils.
All for the Sharks of course!

And that's a promise!


jsd said...

...And yet again we have divers who swim with dangerous sharks and claim that they can instantly sense/know/intuit/understand what's 'going on' in the sharks' 'minds'/heads.

Jorge said...

Do you wanna come next year?


DaShark said...


I got no leopard speedos so I think I'll pass - but thanks!

Rene said...

Ive been twice at beqa.. Dove the shark feeding with beqa shark divers, very nice experience.. However, nothing like diving under the natural environment interacting with sharks! Well done Pelagics, cant wait to dive Mexico's unexplored treasures! And congrats on your quest on raising awareness with regards to the importance of shark species conservation!

DaShark said...

Totally agree: nothing beats natural Shark encounters, and Pelagic Life has a track record of going out, finding their own corner of the Ocean and doing just that whilst coming back with stellar images.

This however is not one of Mexico's "unexplored treasures", this is a commercial dive site established by others who observe completely different protocols - hence my criticism, especially of the lone operator who is enabling these shenanigans.

It's always the same debate - private vs commercial undertakings.

Anonymous said...

Any comercial dive site is up for grabs by anybody who is creative enough to explore what most believe to be "explored", whether in space or form.

If you think Guadalupe is a comercial site, you either had a terrible experience there or have never been there at all.

I read most of your Guadalupe posts and I find it hard to agree on points of view based on incredibily unsupported information. Mostly coming from window watching, "ooh Amos did this".

If I were you I'd buy several leopard speed os!

DaShark said...

Touché Anon, never been there!
You? Cage-less & in speedos?

I opine as an industry guy who has chosen the path of long-term sustainability vs catering to the extreme crowd. Thus, it's about commercial shark diving - not fun diving which is something completely different.

It's a judgement call of course - but it happens to coincide with what 99% of the commercial GW dive operators chose to do globally. And they sure know what's best for them.